James Capers, The Visioneer

James Capers has retired from his previous careers, which included work in radio media and aerospace. He has now expanded his media activities into other mediums, which include scriptwriting, screenwriting, and production of stage plays, videos, films, and Web sites. To accomplish this, he is completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies at Eastern Oregon University with minors in Professional Communication and Computers and Multimedia. His graduate plans are for a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Motion Pictures and Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Raised the son of a religious leader, James left religion to his childhood and ventured into relationships; understanding; cultures; and studies of the cosmos (all of creation and pursuit of how it was formed), recorded history, anthropology, societies, and meanings in life.

In regard to the latter, James is an ardent student of psychology and Dr. Carl G. Jung’s analytic psychology[1] in particular. A major portion of analytic psychology, which analyzes all forms of psychic activities, is dreams, their analysis, and pursuit of their meanings. James’s studies in psychology began in 1975; however, his studies of dreams and their meanings began much earlier with a religious attempt to spiritualize all dreams. From there, he considered Eastern views of dreams. Unsatisfied with those views and with his introduction to the study of psychology, James accepted the views of Dr. Sigmund Freud regarding dreams as masks hiding repressed desires and psychological issues that might include phobias, neuroses, psychoses, and other abnormal behaviors and thinking. Finally, in 1998, James discovered the clarity of Dr. Jung’s perspective of dreams and their meanings, and James was able to let go of Dr. Freud’s neurotic view of dreams.

After more than a decade of recording and analyzing his own dreams and those of others, James has agreed to record his insights and knowledge of dreams and their meanings in much simpler-to-understand language than Dr. Carl Jung’s writings. He also has agreed to make these materials available to all who are interested in their own dreams and their meanings. That is the purpose for this site, and James, The Visioneer, welcomes you, your dreams, and your pursuit of their meanings.

[1] Jung, C.G., Hill, R.F.C., trans. (1974). Dreams. Princeton, NJ:Princeton University Press.


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